Resident and Locum Doctors

RestoreMe is an innovative new online clinic lead by a group of qualified health professionals, that makes accessing high quality medicinal cannabis products easier and more affordable for those who need it.

December 15, 2023

Through a streamlined process, patients are pre-screened for contraindications and health profiled by the clinical team. The doctor then reviews the data and consults with the patient, in person or virtual, before scripting a cannabinoid product if appropriate.

Robust follow up procedures are in place, which are largely managed by the clinical team to assist in optimising the Doctors time. RestoreMe clinic provides employment option with:

• High clinical standards and science-based medicine.
• Well-resourced training and guides.
• Admin taken care of by the clinic – so you can focus on the patient.

• Working virtually and therefore remotely if you wish.
• Excellent (on par with Australian rates) remuneration.
• Flexible hours!
• Full IT support provided for remote working

RestoreMe aims to provide equity based, quality medicine that is affordable. While creating a friendly, collegial, and safe virtual clinic for doctors to work from.

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