Repeat Prescription Policy

Can I get a prescription through RestoreMe Clinic?

Yes, your RestoreMe clinician will securely send your prescription directly to our contracted pharmacy or to your selected pharmacy electronically, through the NZ ePrescription Service.

What if I need a repeat prescription?

Depending on your condition and the product prescribed, you may be eligible for a new or repeat prescription. In some instances, a consultation with a doctor will be required prior to any repeat prescription being issued. The New Zealand Medical Council requires our doctors to be up to date with your treatment progress before approving more product.

One way we remain up to date with your progress is issuing monthly questionnaires to all patients to assess the efficacy of any product prescribed. These questionnaires are issued electronically and must be returned to be eligible for repeat prescriptions.

If you are considering changing to a THC containing product, you will be required to book a consultation. THC is different from CBD and requires a doctor to prescribe it and discuss how to use it correctly before a prescription can be issued.

If you feel that your symptoms are being managed well and your clinician also agrees, a longer period without a consultation may be agreed. This can only be up to a maximum of 6 months for CBD products and 1 months for THC products.