Get started with medical cannabis

Getting started with medical cannabis is a relatively straightforward process through the RestoreMe online clinic.

Getting started with medical cannabis is a relatively straightforward process through the RestoreMe online clinic.  

It’s a good idea to start by doing some research on medical cannabis, its effects and what conditions it can be prescribed for. Conditions that could benefit from medical cannabis treatments include anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, epilepsy and a number of other conditions.

We recommend compiling your personal medical history as this is something your prescriber will review before making a decision on whether or not to prescribe alternative medicines to you. Be sure to have a history and details of the medical condition you hope to treat through medical cannabis and note down any existing medications you are taking.

It’s important to be honest and transparent about your medical history. This ensures you get the most out of your treatment and you are less likely to experience adverse effects.

Where do you get a medical cannabis prescription?

When you’re ready to speak to a doctor about getting a medical cannabis prescription, all you have to do is fill out our brief questionnaire and book your consultation. Once you have your prescription, you will have access to our patient portal. From there you can select your medication of choice (provided it meets the dosing guidelines outlined by the doctor).

You can request a script from your GP directly. However, most patients who attempt this are unsuccessful. A study of medicinal cannabis patients in New Zealand found fewer than 5% of respondents sourced their medicine from a GP.  

If you have a close relationship with your doctor, requesting a script from them could still be an option worth pursuing. You should also consider that most GPs are not aware of where to purchase the most affordable products. Specialist doctors can also prescribe natural medicines or refer you to us.  

A small group of patients will require approval from their specialist. In such cases we would need a letter from your specialist before we can supply you with natural medications.

Medicinal cannabis clinics are well-informed on medical cannabis and the conditions that can be treated and therefore are more likely to prescribe to patients than most GPs. RestoreMe is an accessible and affordable online clinic in New Zealand and costs no more than a visit to your GP clinic. If you are considering a consultation with a specialist clinic, it is worth evaluating the different options available to ensure you are not overpaying for consultation fees, follow-up appointments and your medicine.  

Putting your mind at ease

Many kiwi patients have encountered issues trying to access legal medicine largely due to high prices, judgement and a lack of knowledge from their healthcare provider. We understand that the stigma around this medicine can make requesting a prescription a bit daunting and it shouldn’t be that way. Medical cannabis is a legitimate medicine and no patient should be judged for seeking this treatment option. Our consultation process was designed to make cannabis-based medicines easily accessible and affordable for eligible patients.

Selecting the right medical cannabis product

Most patients will start on a CBD isolate medicine first and then if beneficial to the patient, transition to a full-spectrum oil or THC-containing medication. In New Zealand, you may opt for your medical cannabis to come in oil form, a sublingual solution or dried flower for vaping or teas. We will work with you to determine the best option for you and your medical condition. For a list of approved cannabinoid-based medicines, refer to the Ministry of Health website.

Edible medicines, transdermal patches and topical creams are approved methods of consumption however, there are no products in these categories that have been approved in New Zealand yet. Once there are approved and tested products in these categories, they will be made available through our patient portal.

What to look for when evaluating products

  • If this is your first time using medical cannabis, ask your doctor what they recommend first. If you have a specific product in mind already, ask if it would be the best option for you and your medical condition.
  • Most patients start with CBD oil. There are three types of CBD oil available, isolate, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.
  • Ask your doctor how the different methods of consumption can affect your treatment plan.  
  • Some CBD oils and THC products can interact with certain medications, be sure to disclose this information to your prescribing doctor.
  • Only purchase lab-tested products. All of the products we supply are lab-tested and meet New Zealand’s stringent quality control and medicinal cannabinoid regulations.

Once you’ve received your medication 2-3 days after your consultation, follow the dosing and safety guidelines outlined by your prescribing doctor. Keep a journal of how your prescribed medicine has affected your health issue and any side effects you may have noticed. We’ll work with you through low-cost follow-up consultations to make any adjustments as needed.

Getting a prescription for medical cannabis doesn’t need to be daunting or difficult. Our team are dedicated to ensuring you get the level of care you need. If you’re considering natural medicine, book a consultation with one of our friendly doctors to learn more about your options.