RestoreMe Patient Journey

RestoreMe Patient Journey

Why do we?

Do follow up surveys?

•These are important as it helps your doctor to track your health over time, to adjust your dosing or change to another medicine product at any point

Do 3 consults at the beginning?

•More often than not it takes 3 months to settle on the right dosing and medicine for you.  3 consults gives you and the doctor the right amount of interaction to arrive at a personalised solution for you

Dispense monthly?

•For THC products the pharmacy is required by law to dispense monthly.  For CBD products while this isn’t required by law, monthly is easier to track for the pharmacy

Have a partner pharmacy?

•It is RestoreMe’s preference to work with our partner pharmacy in order to ensure the pricing remains the same (and therefore low) every time.  While some pharmacies may be slightly cheaper, most are considerably more expensive.